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Pharmaceutical Mobile Sales Order (PMSO) PDFDownload

PMSO is combination of both web and mobile application where sales order comes from the mobile application using GPRS and mobile phone and then distributed through the application to the sales centers.

PMSO automates the sales order process by which medical sales representative takes order for pharmaceutical product from there customers, and through GPRS / EDGE sends the orders in real time to the head office. The system has two modules a mobile application and a web based desktop linked to a central server. The application also features the capability which can generate mass SMS to communicate and interact with organization's field sale force.

The system also provides rich reporting features (mobile and desktop) for both sales personnel and management. Other features are messaging via GPRS between server to hand held device (mobile phone) providing medical sales representative instant information on sales orders and account status.

Benefits and Advantages
  • Faster Sales Order Processing and Delivery
  • Increase Transparency & Sales
  • Place Orders Electronically from the Field
  • Reduce Administrative Overhead, Cost
  • Reduce Invoicing Errors
  • Ensure Accountability
Modules and Components
  • Mobile Application used by Sales Rep to Submit Orders using GPRS Protocol
  • Central Database where all Orders are Remotely Sent via Internet
  • Web Application for Admin, Reporting and Compilation
System Overview
System Diagram
Data Flow
Product Process
Features & Functionality: Mobile Application
  • Access Control Login and PW
  • Search & Wild Card Searching
  • Order Management (Customer + Product)
    • New Orders via Mobile & Desktop
  • Save Order
  • Update Order
  • Update Customers & Products
  • View Messages
  • Settings
    • MIA Personal Information
    • Change Password / Forgot Password
    • IP Change
Features & Functionality: Web Application
  • Access Control Login and PW
  • User Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Sales Center Management
  • Customize Sales Center – Territory Relationship
  • Customer (Chemist) & Product Management
  • Customize NSM, RSM, Team Leader , Sales Rep. Relationship
  • Sales Rep. / Team Leader / RSM Interchange
  • Message Sent to Users / Groups / Teams / RSMs
  • Track Order using Order ID
  • Order Status
  • Data Processing for Sales Center
  • Upload Sales Target
  • Order Detail
  • Sales Target vs. Achievement
  • Cancelled Order
  • Sales Target vs. Achievement
  • Incentive Products
  • Cumulative Sales Summary
  • User Management
  • Roles and Privilege
  • Login
  • Track Login
  • Session Timeout
  • Super Administrator
  • Sales Center
  • National Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Marketing Head
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales
  • Marketing
Information Stored in Mobile
  • Customer & Product Information
  • MIA/Team Leader Information
  • Team Leaders Member Information
  • Save Customer Order Form
Platform & Technology

PHP, CSS, JavaScript, IIS, SQL Server, Ajax, J2ME, GPRS