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Pharmaceutical Daily Call Report (PDCR) PDFDownload

The PDCR application is a centralized web based application which allows sale representatives to enter their own activities like calls related information, call plans, and call reports in real time.

The application has built in business intelligence and some of the features are; region-team-territory relationship, call planning & reporting, mail merging, doctor customer relationship, potentiality (product, territory, global) roles and privileges, searching, audit trail, admin and many other. DCR can generate various reports, graphs, charts and dashboards instantly on field force activities.

Benefits and Advantages
  • Centralized and Consolidated Information System
  • Help Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • Get a Clear Picture of Various Doctors to be Visited or Call
  • Sales Representative Scheduling
  • Track Actual Visits and Calls (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)
  • Track Customer using Potentiality and Geographical Area
  • Manage Changes in Business like Sales Force Restructuring
  • Promoted Product Management
  • Customer Call Tracking and Schedule
System Overview
System Diagram
Features and Functionality
  • Master Data Management
    • Geographical Location
    • Sales Structure
    • Leave
    • Potentiality and Others
  • Doctor Management
    • Profile
    • Specialty
    • Institution Information
    • Chambers
    • Chamber Potentiality
    • Chamber – Territory Relationships
  • Frequency Management
  • Chemist Management
  • Product Management
  • Institution Management
  • Cycle Management
    • Manage Promoted Product
  • Product Promotional Aid Management
  • Coaching Criteria & Score Management
  • Coaching by Team Leader
  • Sales Representative to Customer / Doctor Relationship
  • Call Planning
  • Call Reporting
  • Group Call
  • Time Management
    • Weekly Holiday
    • Employee Weekly Holiday
    • Yearly Holiday
    • Employee Leave Management
    • Calendar
  • Mail Merge System
  • Territory Rearrangement
  • Sales Force Interchange
  • Entry Request to Approval for Doctor & Chemist
  • Downloading: CSV, XML, Excel, PDF
  • Super Administrator
  • Administrator by Modules
  • Business Unit Head
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Marketing Head
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Representative
  • Data Entry Operator
  • User Management
  • Roles and Privilege
  • Login
  • Audit Trail
  • Track Login and Page View
  • Time Limit to Enter Data for Sales Rep
  • Active Directory Login
  • Session Timeout
  • Field Force Structure & Budgeting
  • Call Objective
  • Call Plan vs. Call Objective
  • Call Budget vs. Call Objective
  • Call Summary by Objective
  • Call Summary by Budget
  • Coaching
  • Sales
  • Marketing
Platform & Technology

ASP .NET 3.5 SP1, MS Chart, C#, CSS, JavaScript, IIS, SQL Server, JQuery, Ajax, Ext .Net